Hey Gem👋 

Time to play, create and combine. Go for a simple adornment or go all in on shine and shimmer.

I founded BlaBlaBling for myself, my friends and for you. Take one thing off never applied to me, I love my jewelry. Over the years, however, I’ve struggled to find a holy grail for cool and playful pieces for a nice price and with good quality. I am forever inspired by the way jewelry can change your outfit, your expression or your mood in an instant, so I made the mission my own.

BlaBlaBling is the perfect compliment to your most beloved pieces whether minimalist or statement. Rattle your jewelry box and start messing around by mixing random pieces. In my experience, an odd pairing at first glance will often turn out the most compliments. Add edge to your grandmother's vintage diamonds or cheer up those earrings you have overlooked for months.

My wish is that you will love the BlaBlaBling pieces as much as I do and remember: more bling, more win.

x SB